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Ready Made Investments

MCS manages a growing portfolio of properties and occasionally one of these may become available to buy as a ready made investment.

This is often the most simple and efficient way to buy an investment property and will usually have added advantages in that:

1) The property was initially sourced by us and is in a good location

2) The property will have been renovated or maintained by us
3) Gas safety certificates and other legal requirements will be up to date
4) The property will already be tenanted and producing an income
5) Rental income will be up to date for the area and the type of property.
6) Tenants are likely to have been sourced and referenced by us
7) Tenants will have a good history of rent payments
8) The property will have been managed by us so we will be aware of any issues that may need attention in the future
9) We will continue to manage the property for you if required. In addition we have many contacts amongst investors and may occasionally offer properties for sale on their behalf. These are also likely to be tenanted and offer many of the advantages described above. In all cases, MCS will assess the condition and investment potential of any property before offering it for sale.

How you choose to purchase the property is completely up to you.

Some of our clients have purchased properties with cash and now receive a regular monthly return through rental income. Buying a property in this way through MCS should bring you a gross return of approximately 5% per annum, plus the opportunity for increases in capital value over time.

Alternatively if you would like to use mortgage funding we can introduce you to independent brokers who work closely with our company and will help you to find the deal that is most suitable to your requirements. In this case the majority of the monthly rental income would go towards repaying the mortgage but it can be a very cost effective way of purchasing property with minimal capital outlay for a medium or long term investment. In all cases please ensure that you are aware of the latest HMRC tax rules for private or corporate investors, depending on your situation

Please contact us if you would like details of ready made investments that we may have available.